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Tiffy at Fidgets and Fries

Tiffy, Black Goddess with chocolate brown skin. Smiling. Skin looking hydrated and stress doesn’t cross her soft features. Tiffy carries under eye baggage but that’s genetic. She isn’t actually tired in this shot, she just got eyes too big for the space allotted for them. She is looking at the camera, teeth gap on full display, nose wide and proud, gifts from her ancestors. Eyebrow hairs doing what they want, they cannot be tamed. Long gray, white, and black tresses frame her face, falling past her shoulders. She was cute this day….and all days, really. (ID by Tiffany Hammond)

Tiffany Hammond (aka “Tiffy”) is an author, poet, and disability self-advocate who shares her family’s story at the Fidgets and Fries page on Facebook. Her first children’s book, “A Day with No Words,” is forthcoming in spring of 2023.

Articles and Links

  • A Day with No Words,” is Tiffany Hammond’s first children’s book and is based on her son, who uses augmented and alternative communication (AAC) to communicate.