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This information is presented as a jumping off point and is not intended to address every aspect of disability in America. Disabled Americans are extremely diverse and it would be impossible to think that one website could capture every experience.

After you learn some of the basics here, consider listening to some of the many other people with disabilities worldwide who have chosen to educate and advocate.

Let’s start doing better.

Whether you are a teacher, a healthcare professional, a social worker, a mental health provider, or a direct service professional, it’s important to learn about ableism. That’s because ableism directly impacts how we serve people with disabilities and their families. When we know what to look for, we can put an end to it.

Disabilities, Diversity & Inclusion

This four-part training program is designed to help parents, caregivers, providers, and people with disabilities to build a working understanding of ableism. After completing the program, you will not only be able to recognize ableism, you will also be able to apply what you have learned to dismantle it.

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Explore books, videos, and articles that address ableism.