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Jennifer at Giraffe Party

Background is a color spectrum gradient, in a slight swirl pattern with white highlights and flecks of white indicating brightness and/or sparkles. Text at the top center of the graphic reads "GIRAFFE" in black sans-serif bubble block letters, outlined in purple. Text at the bottom center of the graphic reads "PARTY 2.0" in the same font style and colors. In the center is vectorized art of a giraffe's face. The giraffe has a serene look and is wearing large black-rimmed glasses. The giraffe is wearing a lampshade on the top of its head, featuring thick vertical striping in various teal shades. The giraffe also has a pink striped noisemaker sticking out of the side of its mouth, with various colored streamers sticking out of the noisemaker. ID by Giraffe Party.

Jennifer, the advocate behind Giraffe Party, describes themselves as

  • Nonbinary (she/they)
  • autistic adhd ocd ptsd
    aka neurodivergent AF
  • multiply-disabled

Articles and Links

  • Question of the Day (form): People can submit questions to be answered on the Giraffe Party Facebook page. The page is followed by a diverse variety of people with disabilities, who are often generous with lived experiences with disability.